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We stand for Life Mighty

A New Earth Story

in soul integrity

Mighty Beyond Measure is a Union of Modern Female Tribe Leaders with their initiatives devoted to support human soul-led thinking, feeling and decision-making capacities & to re-instate the trustworthiness of human kind.

We are soul activists of Life and stand for life-affirming perspectives and actions, transformative spaces, inspiring dialogues, and creative partnerships around the vision of a global rise of integrity & a New Earth Story.

We are independent of any political or religious parties and take no sides for any political or religious opinion. We stand for Life.

To step into a New Earth Story and start to live in integrity with our deepest values
is not a linear thing. We must become aware of the alchemy of life itself. In becoming masters of learning and surrender.
Claudia & Ann
soul activists, initiators of Mighty Beyond Measure

Our Call

to connect

Today, we call the modern Female Tribe Leaders and wisdom keepers of all continents with their tribes!

Connect with us for combined global and inspired action – in clarity and in integrity with our souls – live and virtually, in the streets, in our homes and businesses, in peace zones and in war zones, in darkness and light, across all time zones. For Life.

If you are a modern Female Tribe Leader, whose expertise around the wisdom of trauma and the art of deliberate creation may serve our common case, please get in touch with us. And if you are a man wishing to support us we appreciate so much hearing from you.

Note:We use the terms ‘man’ and ‘woman’ in the sense of male and female energies, and our work is intended for and naturally honors and includes all guys, gals and non-binary pals of the planet.

Our Tribes

We call you in

You know your calling. This is a call that we have agreed upon to initiate and to respond to a long time ago. And all it takes to unleash the might and genius that lies in the combination of us is that – we combine!

The aligned combination of our unique individual energies and the power of our tribes will naturally decode into a mighty flow of answers, solutions and inspired impulses for action that create and catalyze benevolence, peace and wellbeing across geographic, national and societal boarders world-wide.

The time is now. And we cannot wait to see you (again)!

We stand here together now

Claudia & Ann

We stand here together now as women, friends, colleagues, and souls. We wish everyone out there hurting, fighting, fleeing, freezing, feeling lost, seeking solutions and not knowing what to do, to know that you are not alone. We and millions of other women worldwide, female leaders, wisdom keepers and their tribes,

supported by millions of male guardians of life are standing side by side with you. And even in the seemingly darkest and most terrifying moments, you and we have the power. We are souls in human bodies. In our truth and integrity, we can tame and ride the dragons of the past. We are one. And our minds and hearts are mighty beyond measure!

Next steps

for you

  • Ready to make an impact? Follow our invitations for Inspired Action announced in the field below!
  • Being challenged? Go through the instant support offerings we collected for you below.
  • Trying to get it? Read the articles at the end of this page and get a true taste of what soul activism is about for us.
  • Wishing to give power to the movement? Use the hashtag #mightybeyondmeasure in your communication.
  • Feeling ready to join? Send us the name of your tribe with a short description of your mission and we will come back to you soon.

This world is not separate from us. The task of our time is to prove this beyond doubt. Once this is done, no grain of sand in an hourglass will ever ever move again in a way you do not like.

Inspired Action:
Starting November 22, 2022

Starting on November 22, 2022, and on every 22nd of the month, we invite Germany to cease the fire. Any war begins and ends in our heads, in the way we think, speak and act out. We lost contact. And we need to get still, in order to be able to connect and to listen again. To ourselves. And to the others, especially those who hold beliefs different from our own. A ceasefire opens the space for mediation. And mediation will eventually lead us back in to peace. We have the power. Peace begins with us.

I want to know more

How To Support Yourself & Others In Challenging Times

Breathe, make sounds, move and shake your body, sing, dance, talk gibberish, touch something real (your own skin, soil, a stone, a table or a wall). If possible, spend much time in nature every day. Recall one of the most beautiful moments of your life so far. Envision someone or something you love with all your heart and feel your love. Focus on a steady sound (like your breath, a sound in your head, air conditioner, water dripping). Pray, trust, hug and soothe yourself with words you would share with a small child in panic and pain. Your thoughts and imagination are powerful. Focus your attention on something that works in this moment – your breath, the sun, the moon, your heart beat,… The way you direct your attention and energy is #mightybeyondmeasure.

You are doing your best for all of us. And you might wish to know or to remember that you have two operating systems: your rational mind and your spirit mind. The first one has access to old and known data and is overwhelmed with complexity. The second one can deal with unlimited complexity and has access to completely new and creative data. In order to receive answers to our current most pressing questions, we need to take our attention off the problem, and access the wisdom and creative data of our spirit mind. And this is very much the opposite of what we are all conditioned to do. But we need to focus on the level on which the solution exists. We do that by engaging into any other subject that relaxes us. Not knowing is a good thing. It also opens the doors to our spirit mind and, thus, gives space to creative new solutions that serve all, once you allow your system to relax. Nature, in particular wild, untouched natural spaces, support your process in the best possible way. You are #mightybeyondmeasure in your spirit mind.

Please learn about trauma-informed journalism. Your work and what you know and apply in order to support life and peace through your work is of tremendous value and influence. You are #mightybeyondmeasure. Excellent information around this is available here:

> Peter Levine & Somatic Experiencing
Ergos Institute Of Somatic Education

> Gabor Maté & The Wisdom Of Trauma
Collected Resources Page

> Ann La-Forker & Becoming-Essence
trauma informed integrity building (special focus shame)

> Pressenza – International News Agency dedicated to peace and non-violence

There are many more sources and resources. You can reach out to us if you seek for more advice.

You are serving Life and Love. Please keep finding moments to replenish yourself. You cannot give, what you do not have. Breathe deeply as often as possible. Spend time in nature. Ask her to fill you up with everything you need. Inspire the kids into imaginary inner worlds of peace and play whenever you can. This will also help you. Hold hands of elders or sick ones as much as you can. The energy exchange through the palms of your hands is nourishing for both of you. You are #mightybeyondmeasure.

No emotion is stronger than you are. Locate it as an energy/a sensation in your body. And feel it, like you feel your stomach aching when hungry or the need to pee as pressure in your bladder. Follow the movement of the sensation in your body. Witness it changing until something in you relaxes and your body eventually releases the life energy that was locked in your cells. This process will allow you to own your energy and with it leave you stronger and more open to the change and relief you seek.

We all have this. And we might be totally right on many levels. And, in terms of connection and peace, being right sets us right up for the dead-end road. On a deeper level, in conflict there is never right or wrong. Just different worlds that have a lot to share with each other, and do not know yet how to be heard or how to listen. And we invite you to become curious as to your own emotional and mental super powers. You will love it!

We all do it. And isn’t it interesting to know that correcting like punishing or blaming others or ourselves keeps us in a space of non-growth? As our energy is bound in the focus on something/someone you judge, do not like or hate, we are literally sucking life energy out of ourself and others. It is a misguided, outdated and life-taking human habit. In order for us to move forward in life, so that it can begin to show us the new situations and people we desire, we need to turn our focus within and deeply inquire into the places inside of us that are being triggered by ‘those stupid, wrong or bad ones’ out there. This is a safe and proven way that eventually will enable us to ride our dragons and create a sustainable life-giving future for ourselves and others. Want to know more? Connect with us.

We all want to protect us and ours when we feel unsafe. Even more, when we feel attacked. It is one of our most natural human instincts. However, when it comes to violent conflict and war between nations, fired by inscrutable media campaigns, and embedded in an economic-political interconnectedness that we are no longer able to oversee, we are allowed to ask ourselves, if this is really our way. And is it our heart-felt and clear-minded decision to fight and kill each other? Maybe it is not. Maybe no-one ever asked us. And we are allowed to at least ask ourselves some questions, like: Has conflict or war anywhere in the world ever brought more peace or joy to anyone? Or: What would I do, if I had the power and believed in a peaceful solution? Am I willing to consider a better way? And: What if I knew that my thoughts create reality and are, therefore, #mightybeyongmeasuere? What would I begin to think?

If you will, remind your men of your love and that you need them by your side and by the side of your children. Remind them that there must be a better way than killing and destroying life. And if this is what you know deep inside, be very clear about it. Use #mightybeyondmeasure for all your messages when you communicate on social media. Connect with other women. Form virtual circles of 12 to feel more connected and support each other in keeping your spirits high. 12 is a powerful number, and the connection in the circles will enhance your energy and strength. Find something stable to focus on (breath, sky, grass,…),whenever your mind starts moving into cycles of worry. Stay focused inside on what you want to see in your world. Our hearts and minds are #mightybeyondmeasure.

Connect with others in order to feel and know that you are not alone. Know that 12 is a powerful number and form virtual circles of 12 on your messenger apps on social media. Use #mightybeyondmeasure in all your communication. Use your imagination and consciously create the world that you would like to see in your mind. See it, hear it, smell it, regardless of what is going on outside. Play it out on your mind. You are the creator. Trust in a better way. This is how you manifest your next moment. Trust that you and yours will be all right.


About us

Claudia Shkatov & Ann La-Forker

We are Claudia Shkatov and Ann La-Forker – colleagues, friends and lovers of Life. We were drawn to each other through an article that Claudia wrote in March 2022. Claudia is a mentor of the new age, visionary and author based in Berlin. Ann is a trauma therapist, author, process facilitator and shame gourmet based in Baden-Wurtemberg. We had a first tea on Zoom together in April 2022 and a week later met in Berlin in person. Since then, our work, our writing and our paths weave together in ever magnificent and empowering new ways that keep surprising and delighting us and others.

With the foundation of Mighty Beyond Measure we follow a joyful and undeniable impulse to gather a Circle of 12+ modern Female Tribe Leaders and their tribes that will genuinely click in as one of the leading Think & Feel Tanks for soul-inspired action and decision-making for a new Earth Story.


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